Refund and Cancellation Policy for WebCreatify

Refund and Cancellation

We've no refund and cancellation policy. We want to emphasize that, due to the nature of our Software as a Service (SaaS)-based product, we do not offer any return or cancellation options. As a SaaS provider, our services are designed to be accessible on a subscription basis, allowing users to benefit from continuous updates, improvements, and ongoing support. Since our product operates in a dynamic and cloud-based environment, the provision of refunds or cancellations is not feasible. We encourage our users to thoroughly evaluate our product, take advantage of any trial periods or demos available, and reach out to our support team with any questions before making a commitment. This policy ensures that our users are well-informed about their decision to subscribe to our SaaS solution, and we are committed to providing consistent and high-quality service throughout the duration of their subscription.