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Building a Static Website for a Start-up

Building a Static Website for a Start-up - WebCreatify

A Successful website always refers to attract the right kind of visitors, guides them to the targeted services or products offered by providers, and collects contact details for establishing future ongoing relations and this all leads to reach a website to its zenith. 

In the rapidly growing competition in the market, Start-ups are like riding a roller coaster on the non-deterministic path where one could found the lows and highs that are really highs. Here one should be smart enough to tackle the lows and upgrade with each high. There are many start-ups are taking place to establish their market Value but facing failure due to lack of using the right technology at the right place. Hence, it’s very essential to make the correct choice of technical platforms in order to grow in the Business world  

AarGee Group Website

AarGee Groups - The sourcing Partners, basically situated in Noida, a city of State Uttar Pradesh, India. They were approaching the actual dealership of Apparel & Accessories, Textiles, and FMCG Products since August 2018 with a clear vision of serving the products with the right product qualities, prices, conducts, ethics, and high-speed services.

WebCreatify obtained an opportunity in 2019 to work for AarGee Groups and made a perfect choice of designing a static website in order to fulfill their start-up requirements which will help them in delivering quality services to the end consumers.

We delivered them a statics website which incorporates the following features:

1.  Company Information:

AarGee Groups get benefited by a feature called Company Information, where they can showcase their upcoming or early products and along with this they can provide information about their start-up plans.

2.  Displaying Products and Services:

Delivering proper information about product and services play a very vital role in business. Hence to build a strong bridge of interaction WebCreatify integrates a facility of displaying a number of products and services to the end consumers through the statics website. Along with this, in order to offer reliable information on products and services of AarGee Groups, we designed a brochure with all the complete information on products and services. 

AarGee Group Website

3. Search Visibility:

Search visibility is the feature in which we linked websites with Google integration, metatags and SEO in such a way that their website has visibility of search engine along with this their website can be easily crawled by Google, Bing and other search engines not only by their website names but also by their web images.  

4. Direct in touch with customers:

Direct in touch with customers offers direct interaction with the key audiences i.e. the end consumers through the website just by visiting the “Contact us” page and filling the form or else approach to the information provided by the company. 

AarGee Group Website

5. Slide show of Products:

We provided a Slide show of products that results in a pictorial representation of available or categorized products in order to ease the end consumer to reach their requirements as well as get to know about the products.

6. Secure website with high loading speed:

The most important side of static websites is its loading speed comparatively dynamic websites. And as the security and speed is the major concern of AarGee Groups, we delivered them a secure static website with high loading speed.


We at WebCreatify, don’t just develop websites, we develop websites that SELLS.

Vaibhavi Kengale

Content Writer - WebCreatify

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