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Transforming Matrimonial Physical Presence into Online Platform

Transforming Matrimonial Physical Presence into Online Platform - WebCreatify

Gone are the days when the search for perfect life partner was done through the relatives, marriage bureaus, newspapers advertisements and of course through the priests (pandits). Nowadays the online matchmaking process is used by many people as it provides a user friendly and global platform where millions of users can connect with each other.

To fulfill this purpose team WebCreatify connected with, one of the highly preferred and oldest Marwari matrimonial platform.


Previously, they were using the old and traditional process of matchmaking due to which they were facing the following issues:

  • Time consuming
  • Involvement of too many people
  • In matchmaking industries you need to sign a 1year contracts i.e. whether it takes 1 month or 12, you need to pay the same price
  • Limited database
  • Matchmaking was confined to a particular geographical area or region only
  • Availability of limited choices


We provided the platform to millions of the users where the purpose of search of the ideal soul mate gets complete. We provided them a matrimonial website   to opt the modern way for the matchmaking.

1. Logo

A logo should be designed attractive because a matrimonial website should be eye catching to attract more visitors. It acts as a medium of publicity and promotion purposes.

2. Different Profile as Per Categories

The website provides different profile as per the region and caste. It helped to connect with various people globally.

3. Detailed Profile

The website has a detailed profile which covers basic, personal, social, astrology, hobbies, occupation, education and several more areas. We also provided the feature to upload pictures to make it more interesting.

4. Partner Match

The website provides multiple ways to contact the user in an easy and fast manner. We also ensured the safety of the user. It is the cost effective platform to connect with your ideal match.

The Online Platform Made the Matchmaking Easy with A Simple 4 Step Process:

  1. Search for the ideal person based on gender and age.
  2. Look at the basic qualities of the entries.
  3. Fill up the form to receive the full bio data of the person you are interested in.
  4. Our team will forward you the full bio-data of the person you are interested via email within 7-8 working days.

This Collaboration Resulted Beneficial To Them in The Following Ways:

  • The profiles of the brides and grooms
  • Easy to access the registered profiles
  • Cost effective
  • Helped in the widespread search of communities and caste of Marwari
  • Easy to register Time saving
  • Results according to your preferences
  • Safety is maintained as all the profiles on the sites are safe and secure
  • Maintain secrecy of data i.e. allowing the customers to request for full data by not even charging full amount

“As believed, couples are indeed made in heaven, yet have to be found here on mother Earth! This website is a small effort to make this task easier!”

Ritika Pundir

Content Writer - WebCreatify

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