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Social Media Becoming Valuable to Sports Marketing

Social Media Becoming Valuable to Sports Marketing - WebCreatify

As we are aware, social media is another hub for sports lover. That’s why in January, 2019 team webcreatify connected with The Himank Sports Services in Dubai to provide a platform to them to reach millions of sports fans. The Himank Sports Services is one of the largest and professional organizations specializing in tennis coaching and related events. It provides tennis training to all the age groups. Besides, it also provides classes for stress management.

To fulfill their requirements and provide them the best services we scanned the business environment thoroughly through the following manner:

Competitor Analysis

This analysis provides an evaluation of the strengths and weakness of the competitors. To conduct this analysis we first:

  • Identified the competitors such as Seven Sports Services, Hattrick Sports Services and many more.

  • Examined their website and customer experiences

  • Identified their marketing positioning

Behavior of Costumers in Sports

There are many sports enthusiastic in Dubai. Whether it’s a 10 year old child or 40 year old man. To them age is nothing but just a number. There has been a research in sports participation by various age groups and most of them adolescence (14-18 years) and mature adults (30+ years).

Social Media Analysis of Dubai

While doing the analysis we found that FACEBOOK is the most prevalent platform for social media in Dubai. We formed sports communities on facebook to attract various customers. Through this we analyzed that social media is a better platform than others.

Resources Provided by Us

  • Redesigning of the logo of the company. A great logo will represent your company and emphasize your company’s strengths and reflect your business values.

  • Writing 20+ Blogs for HSS in sports topic.

  • Redesigning Himank Sports Services Letterhead.

  • We also provided them with flyers to advertise their event and reach the targeted audience.

  • Moreover our graphic team customized various sports jerseys for them.

  • Also the communities could easily be joined by using @HimankSports @himanksportsservices.

Deploying the Marketing Campaign

We begin deploying our resources online by posting photos, flyers and offering discount. Such campaign helped us to keep the audience engaged in the company’s day to day activities. It also generated a huge amount of interest of the targeted customers. It helped us in the following ways:

  • Allowed us to reach and acquire more customers

  • More sales

  • Convenience

  • Easy access to the reviews of customers

Analyzing the Performances and Generating Report

The collaboration of Webcreatify with The Himank Sports Services resulted constructive. It was a great success and social media played a great role in it. It created a great opportunity to react quickly to customer’s feedback and queries related to our services. It leads to customer attention and improves brand trust and sales.


Ritika Pundir

Content Writer - WebCreatify

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Social Media Becoming Valuable to Sports Marketing - WebCreatify

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