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An Evolution of School Static Website to Dynamic one

An Evolution of School Static Website to Dynamic one - WebCreatify

In 2018, WebCreatify helped Alok Vidyashram in transforming their old static website to new modified dynamic website with extra features attached to the same. Alok Vidyashram is an education industry in Nepal since 1994 with a mission of imparting knowledge along with cultural values. WebCreatify Team helped them by improving customer retention by providing a dynamic website for better browsing experience over website.

Static vs Dynamic Websites

Static Website

Dynamic Website

Content is fixed and each page is coded in plain HTML and CSS.

Content is dynamic which changes according to users preferences.

More control and flexibility as each page is design unique.

User has complete control over updating the design and changing the content.

Displays the same design and content to every user who visits the website.

Offer a unique mix of dynamic content, multimedia elements and interactive features.

The older version of Alok Vidyashrams Website

Originally , Alok Vidyashran was administrating a static website which was a strain for the firm to keep going. The website was facing the following bugs:

  • Strenuous to navigate

  • Lack of interactive games

  • Back-end system was missing

  • Un downloadable calendar for visitor

  • Forms were missing

Our expert completely transformed it into a new dynamic look. We are still keep trying innovations on the website with an items is look.

New look of the website

A new modified version of website give their website a new look with user-friendly platform and access to all essential features.

(1) Responsive Design

We provided them with a responsive website that act as a user-friendly website which gives it a better look over all the devices. Responsive design is about using HTML and CSS to automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge, a website, to make it look good on all devices.

(2) Easy to Navigate

We provided them with a magnificent  web atmosphere that gave the website a easy navigability, which in return help their visitors to easily surf through the website and find things easily over the website.

(3) News & Updates

We also added the functionality of the e-newsletter and magazines for the news and updates so that the company can inform about both its previous and future events. These newsletters also have an update on the current situation in the city, such as measures taken by the government due to the current worldwide pandemic situation. Visitors may sign up for the newsletter and receive recent updates via e-mail.

(4) Calendar

To the menu bar is added a calendar feature which includes the dates of all the school events. This page contains individual class syllabus as well.

(5) Gallery

To the menu bar is added a calendar feature which includes the dates of all the school events. This page contains individual class syllabus as well.

(6) Forms

A form is a feature on a website that allows your visitors to get in contact with you through an order, a request for a catalog, or even a question that is forwarded to your database. On the website, we built numerous ways for inquiring about the enrollment, contributing books to the library, subscribing to the e-newsletter, hiring work, requesting student feedback and ways of alumni messages.

(7) Location & Contact Details

To get in touch with Alok Vidyashram, we added their contact details to the website along with a map locator by clicking on the location link to find Alok Vidyashram on Google maps.

(8) Back-end System

We provided them with a Content Management System that helped them update their website on regular basis. It included features like:

  • To edit content of website
  • To upload syllabus, calendars, and photos
  • Taking reviews from Alumnis
  • Updating latest news, notices and notifications

(9) Interactive Games

On the website there is a feature called Game Center that redirects visitors to the childrens e-learning games. The games included sudoku and divide games which captured the websites attention from prospective students and the current students.

(10) Software Add-ons

There is a link called Software that redirects visitors to a page where you can download a group of applications such as Adobe acrobat, VLC media player, Visual C++, Apache open office, etc .. Anyone who wants to play games on the website will access from there the Adobe acrobat itself, he / she need not go to the other website.

(11) Links & Integration

Through adding links & integration we made their website have a high visibility over the internet and social media platforms. It made their website generate more visitors through high number of presence over the Google Search Engines, Bing, and others.

"Our mission is to provide the best facilities to our clients with a justified budget. We never compromise on the quality we serve."

Saurav Singhania

Founder & Marketing Head - WebCreatify

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