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Role of Content Management System for A Travel Agency

Role of Content Management System for A Travel Agency  - WebCreatify

A content management system (CMS) is a software application that can be used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. It allows multiple contributors to create, edit publish and manage their web content according to their need.

In the growth of the digital era it seems the whole world is turning to the internet to reap maximum advantages for their businesses. Most companies create a huge amount of digital and non-digital content such as financial data in spreadsheets, internal memos and external correspondence in word processing documents, customer/client information and product inventories in databases etc. In order to manage huge data it becomes important to choose the best CMS package for your websites.


Filco Tours and Travels is a Thailand based website that acts a Travel Agent and eases each customers travel plans. They have been catering to corporates and individuals since 1997, planning their business and leisure trips around the globe.

WebCreatify gained the opportunity to design a dynamic website and also content management system for Filco tours and travels which will help in smoothening the day to day web activities of the company. Some of the various fields in which Filco benefited with the help of our designed CMS are mentioned below:

1. Easy Administration: 

CMS made it easier for Filco to handle the content workflow within a single piece of software that gave each employee the appropriate access for their level of responsibility. It streamed line content production by reducing complexity

Few of the tasks that could be easily managed include:

  • Keeping track of scheduled content and related assets.
  • Monitoring site and administrator activity.
  • Adding functionality through modules and plugins.
  • Managing notifications for tasks.
  • Administering multiple sites and platforms, if necessary.

2. Powerful Publishing Tools: 

Just as the content you publish is the backbone of your interaction with your key audiences, publishing tools are the core of any CMS. A good ECMS helped Filco by adapting to the type of content they wanted to publish – everything from short advertisements to longer beneficial schemes with custom layouts to landing pages with embedded documents – and integrate this into an overall publication workflow.

It also handled SEO, content tagging, adding images, video and more from within the publishing interface.


3. Built in SEO tools: 

Our CMS had built in SEO tools that helped in automatically creating URLs that work for both readers and search engines.

4. Social Media Integration: 

Social media platforms remain the go-to destination to reach and interact with your key audiences. Thats why any modern CMS must take account of social tools.                

We added social media sharing buttons for the Filcos website and ensured that their content is optimized for sharing on each platform, and to encourage people to share their content with their audiences.


5. Detailed Analytics: 

Tracking engagement on your platforms is an essential part of carrying out your content strategy. Our CMS enabled Filcos team to gather and glean the business insights they need.


We at WebCreatify take the exact out of the content in order to create best Stories…😊

Shivangi Ahuja

Content Writer - WebCreatify

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