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Visitors Vs Impressions

Visitors Vs Impressions - WebCreatify

I was always concerned about the views, likes, followers, and visitors of my web page. It’s not easy to handle a web page as it seems and especially when you’re a new web page handler. One day, my friend asked me about the visitors & impressions of my web page and I answered him that till now it is 150. Then he again asked about impressions. I thought that both visitors and impressions are the same. But then he clarified my doubt that both are different terms. So here is the basic difference for them:-


It refers to the total no. of visitors that visit a website/web page in a specific time period.

Time period can vary depending on the tracking but can be tracked in a week or months.

It measures the ability of e-commerce to draw user’s attention.

It also enables to track the visitors using cookies or by unique IP addresses.

We can classify the visitors on your website in three categories:

1. Comparers- These types of visitors generally visit the websites for the comparison of price. It can be explained by taking the example of the random customers who visit the shop (suppose A) and examine the products in detail and then buy the products from another shop (suppose B).

2. Researchers- They are the people who either need the product in the present or future. They basically visit to gather as much information as they can. We can also call them researchers.

3. Buyers- They are the visitors who are ready to buy the products.

The success of the website comes when you satisfy all three types of visitors to your website. You can also display the prices on your website along with the information so that it becomes easy for the visitors to gather information and satisfy them.  


It refers to the no. of times the page is loaded.

Denotes no. of times an element on the web page is viewed.

They are also used to calculate how much an advertiser pays to display his content on a website.

For eg: if you have 1 visitor, but 10-page impressions, this tells that the site was enough for visitors to click around and explore.

The impressions can be further classified as the followings:

1. Served impressions: These are counted as soon as Google finds an ad request on its server. They are basically recorded by the ad servers. This is easy to track as it relies on the server data to the count impressions.

2. Viewable impressions: The impressions that are at least 50% visible to the user for at least one second. It is a better way to measure ad delivery. It can identify user behaviors that prevent Ad-blocking software, minimized browser windows, non-user interference, and many more.  

Why visitors and impressions are essential for your website?

To ensure whether the site displays properly on desktops and smartphones.

To ensure the functionality of the website.

To ensure the reach of the web page to the customers.

To ensure the progress of the business.

Tips to increase the visitors and impressions on the website:

Personalize your website

Provide relevant information

Offer new content on regular basis

Make your website is mobile/tablet friendly

Use newsletter as a medium of communication

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