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Video Marketing in Digital Marketing

Video Marketing in Digital Marketing - WebCreatify

The video marketing concept is not difficult. It is basically very simple: to endorse or advertise your brand, product, or service using film. Video becomes part of the equation with a good marketing strategy. marketing(

To order to advertise and sell your product or service, increase the presence on your internet and social media, educate your consumers and the public with a different medium, video marketing uses video. Videos are more interesting and entertaining.


It is not too difficult to understand why video is now so popular — one thing is that it is simple to digest, which gives our eyes rest from the overabundance of online text information. This is why the planet is estimated to watch a viral YouTube video for 1 billion hours a day.

The modern client wants the product to work. Video preference for the marketing of your content is one of the most important drivers of video use. Video marketing can capture and work at several levels of a large audience. There was a misunderstanding. Be sure that you approach the future buyer, not just the eyes, but also the ears.

Reasons for using video marketing in digital marketing

 1. Conversions and sales boost video.

Videos can make some real money for you. A product video can raise conversions by about 80% on your landing page. And, regardless of how much the video works, Tree podia’s team has ensured that it works well. graph(

Video can also lead to sales directly. Studies show that 74 percent of users who watched a product explanatory video bought it afterward. So start making your exciting product videos better now! The effectiveness of video is not surprising when you think about it. Vision is, after all, our main meaning. Our brain receives most of the information visually. So, if photos can already massively boost engagement, imagine what moving photos can do for your company.

1. Great ROI Video Shows.

83 percent of companies say that video provides a good return on investment to make you even more excited. Albeit not the easiest or cheapest task yet in video production, it pays off big time. Furthermore, online video editing tools are constantly being improved and affordable. And you can already make quite decent videos on your Smartphone. The great news is the lack of perfection for your videos. The content is important! Recent analysis indicates that videos that do not clarify the product or service as well as possible are often delays for consumers. ROI video shows(

Video marketing: 

  • Video helped them increase sales, say 76 percent of marketers.
  • 76 percent say it helped to increase traffic marketers.
  • 65 percent of video marketing companies say that they plan to begin in 2018.
  • By viewing a brand video 81 percent of consumers were persuaded to purchase a product/service.

3. Creates trust in the video.

Conversions and sales are based on trust. But building confidence should be a goal alone. The entire content marketing concept is based on confidence and the development of lasting relationships. Stop selling and let people come to you and give them useful and interesting information. I could not better have said this than Mark Schaefer, Schaefer's Executive Director: The new age calls for an emphasis on inflammation, not just material, confidence, not just traffic, and the elite people who distribute the information. 


fig builds trust(

 4. Videos Google loves.

You will increase the time tourists spent on the web by means of videos. Thus, longer display builds confidence and signals that your website's content is good. Moovly gives us huge statistics: If you have a video on your website, you are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google. Now that Google has YouTube, the amount of video that impacts your search engine has increased significantly. Ensure that your YouTube SEO videos are optimized. Write informative definitions and names. Attach a backlink, goods, and services, to your website. Provide the next step for potential clients. To explore and encourage actions, explore the world of interactive videos. Google(

5. Mobile users are invited by video.

Mobile and video are going hand in hand. 90 % of consumers watch mobile videos. 90% of Mobile video views increased by over 233 percent since the third quarter of 2013. The mobile video consumption of YouTube reports is 100% higher annually. As people want to watch videos on the go and there are growing numbers of mobile users, your visitors are rising and rising. rise of mobile video(

Google also informs us that mobile users have a close connection to brands displaying video contents or advertisements on their screens twice as often as TV viewers or 1,4-times as often as laptop viewers. That said, brands must be sensitive to their smartphones' personal experiences. Give them, for example, a better choice in their video content.

6. Virtual ads will clarify more.

Do you have a new product or service launched? To show how this works, create a video. 98 percent of users report watching a video explaining the product or service for more information. This is why 45% of companies using video marketing have an explanatory video on their homepage. Of those companies, 83% said their homepage is effective in explaining video. Seek a complicated idea to explain? Develop videos with animation. Animation can give life to concepts which no text or video can produce. In addition, it is no longer enough boring talking heads to bridge the clutter. ads(

7. Even the most sluggish buyers take part.

Video is a wonderful learning resource, but it is still very easy to feed. Today’s life is too busy for time to read or dig into services for long product descriptions. The average consumer needs the product to work. Video preference is one of the key drivers of using video in the marketing of your content.


Video marketing offers vendors an attractive, versatile, and extremely common means for reaching their audiences while being convenient and effective for the consumer. Diode Digital found recently, in fact, that online video is 600 percent more effective than print and direct mail.

Ritika Tyagi


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