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Role of retargeting in the Scenario of COVID -19

Role of retargeting in the Scenario of COVID -19 - WebCreatify

The outbreak of Coronavirus named COVID-19 has disrupted the world economy resulting in the GDP loss in 2020. When the complete world is in the lockdown mode then digital marketing emerges as an ace for every industry. It is a crucial time for any organization to promote its products and services on digital platforms.
Before knowing that how we fulfilled their requirements, it is important to know how dynamic and static websites differ.

Why is retargeting important?

To raise brand awareness, retargeting acts as a support system to the complete advertisement campaign. It becomes a useful process due to the following reasons.

  • Communication cost on the Internet is very low compared to standard marketing tools.

  • The major concept is to target the customers, already having visited the websites, and showing them the ads repeatedly.

  • To enable companies to reach their customers in a very personalized way.

  • To maintain the brand positioning.

Organizations perception on retargeting

Organizations perception of retargeting means that how the organization assumes the market is. Based on their research and assumptions these organizations takes the concerned steps based on the following parameters :

  • To analyze if the perceived information is positively related to a customers product involvement.

  • To develop informativeness and trust towards ones website.

  • Trust toward websites is positively related to a customers intention to purchase.

  • To identify consumers with higher levels of product involvement.

Several industries are contributing to the GDP all across the world. Few among them are:

(1) Healthcare Industry

Being one of the worlds largest and fastest-growing industries, the healthcare sector is an aggregation and integration of sectors within the economic system. Due to the hike in COVID-19 pandemic cases it has become the most important sector in the world. Here are a few ideas of retargeting which medical websites could follow :

  • Transcribe the video about the health facilities given by an organization to fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Turning the blog posts into the top tips newsletter.

  • Using expert advice instead of interviews on the site.

  • Healthcare webinars could be converted into a Youtube video.

  • Update and republish the older content which could be used in the current scenario.

(2) Education Industry

Education has become a crucial part of everyones life. In the growing era, e-learning has become an important process. Every institute and college has a website today and the number of online courses is also at a hike. Below are the few ideas of retargeting for this sector :

  • Creating your Coronavirus content hub.

  • Creating your Coronavirus content hub.

  • Showing the audience that the organization is open for business. E.g. due to the lockdown educational institutes can also have outsourcing courses online.

  • Showing the audience that the organization is open for business. E.g. due to the lockdown educational institutes can also have outsourcing courses online.

(3) IT Industry

The IT industry is considered as a remarkable potential for accelerating economic growth across the world. Therefore, it also need certain ideas of retargeting and they could be :

  • Re-optimize the content for a proper ranking.

  • Take the help of google ads display.

  • Remarketing on youtube has an increased ROI.

  • Targeting audiences and organizations that are open for collaboration.

(4) Retail Industry

The selling of consumer goods through the e-retail stores is the current trend and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become a wonderful opportunity for this industry to sell its products. This sector could use the following retargeting idea to hike their sales :

  • Use social media sites to target audiences.

  • Promoting the home delivery services.

  • Sending emails to the previous customers showing concern about their well being during the current condition.

  • Target on cart abandoners.

(5) Entertainment Industry

Be it the youth or the grey population of the world, the entertainment industry is popular amongst all the groups. Due to increased competition in this industry, certain ideas of retargeting could be helpful for the companies :

  • Engaging fans through social media for upcoming movies or web series.

  • Segmenting the market data is very important. Youths prefer watching series and short movies while the old generation likes to watch movies.

  • Cross post your content by bringing your distinct Twitter hashtag over to Facebook.

(6) Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Currently due to the COVID-19 situation, the most affected industry is the hospitality & tourism industry. It is due to its intangible nature which could only be experienced. So, maintaining traffic over such websites is a need of the era. Here are a few ideas of retargeting for this industry:

  • Create a social media campaign in a specific target country.

  • Research on potential customers and marketing environments.

  • Virtual tours to hotels and videos of previous events could be displayed on the website to maintain the traffic.

  • Seek out win-win partnerships with organizations that have similar interests to yours.

The lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak is an opportunity for every sector to retarget its audiences and give them more of an Online experience. It is time to completely transform from physical to digital experience. The era of complete digitalization has just begun!

Vanshika Rastogi


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