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Role of Marketing channels

Role of Marketing channels - WebCreatify

About Marketing channels

When we talk about the distribution of channels it says that a way through which commodities (goods and services) are passed until the end-users consume it. As a matter of fact, the channels are from simple to Complex according to the business size in the market. The Channel of distribution involves the organization getting product reach from producer to customer. It is also known as marketing channels or marketing distribution channels or channels of distribution. For any production the prime objective is its consumption, these channels include wholesalers, distributors, agents, and retailers including dealers, brokers, and commission agents. 

Marketing channels

There are basically four types of marketing channels:

  1. Direct selling.
  2. Through intermediation.
  3. Dual distribution.
  4. reverse channel.


1. Direct selling- This includes party plan, one- on- demonstration, personal contact, and internet sale direct sales mostly use multi-level marketing. selling(

2. Through intermediation- This includes wholesalers and retailers where they make products available and uses in an indirect way. Intermediation(

3. Dual Distribution- This includes simultaneously practice of making a wide range of marketing platform in a direct and indirect way.


fig.no3.Dual Distribution(

4. Reverse channel-he above three steps have a common thing that is the flow of product from the manufacturer to the end user's this reverse channel due to the help of Technology have made the rivers flow that is from consumer to intermediates to beneficiaries. channel(

 The strategic role of marketing channel

The marketing channel plays an important role in order to make and choose the floor of the product in the ever-growing market.

  1. Enhance efficiency- A proper system of distributing channels will not be less efficient. In this way, the organization will work.
  2. Smooth flow of commodities- This helps in the flow of commodities from creating possession, time, and place utility.
  3. Reducing cost- Like the terms and conditions of purchase, sales and payments hear this will lead to a reduction in cost during a transaction.
  4. Facilitate search- This function is carried forward by the agents where buyers and sellers search for each other for the exchange of commodities. 5.Proximity to consumers- This helps in reducing the burden of the producer as the middlemen are close to the end-users of product which helps to gather the necessary information and reaction. role of marketing channel(

Working of the supply chain in marketing channel:

Supply chain works as the connection between the producer and the buyer this might include different activities, people, entities, information, and resources. This is an important aspect of the business so it can reduce its cost and manage the time. This also includes product development, marketing, operations, distribution, finance, and customer service. When the supply chain of any company is effective, it helps in decreasing costs and increasing profitability. 


As per the needs of today's market, channels of distribution place equal important role as other aspects distribution analysis will play as the competitive advantage in the market nowadays some examples who plays of focuses on the key aspects like Dell computers NordicTrack and others through which they compete with their competitors in order to have a place on the top. There is an important role of channels of distribution which we have seen how effective and how important it is in the working marketing area

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