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Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing - WebCreatify

“Change is the need of hour”. Almost everything has changed; even marketing has evolved with the passage of time. With the advancement of technology and trends, several businesses have changed the way of marketing their products. Due to all these emerging trends, the businesses have adopted new trends of building their business and one such trend is PPC. Let’s study in detail about it.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay per click. It is a way of web marketing in which the advertiser pays a certain or fixed amount each time one of their ads is clicked. It is a tactic of buying visits to your site rather than earning them originally. All the business running ads in PPC are charged only when the ad is clicked by any user. It gives an opportunity to the advertisers to promote their brand or service to target millions of users. It is used for several campaign goals such as:

Increment of sales

Promotion of brand

Lead generation

What are the main types of PPC ads?

1. Text Ads - These ads are a written copy by the advertisers. There might be character or format limit but it depends on the platform of PPC you’re working on. These ads are triggered with the help of the search networks.

2. Display Ads –These ads are generally showed in the form of images or graphics. They also have size and content requirements according to the needs of the advertisers. You can easily find them on websites across the internet.

3. Shopping Ads –These ads are displayed only when the user searches for it or submits a query. They basically show the product image, price, and other features.    

What are the core PPC platforms?

1. Google Ads – It is the major advertising platform for PPC. It offers the advertisers the pay per click on its search network along with image and video advertising. Also advertising on YouTube is available through Google ads platform.

2. Microsoft Advertising – It is also known as Bing ads. It allows pay per click on and its search partner is

3. Amazon Advertising – It is one of the most used platforms for e-commerce. Many retailers promote their products on Amazon’s shopping network.

What are the benefits of PPC Marketing?

It is considered as one of the fastest ways to reach the people.

It helps to create a highly targeted audience to show the ads.

It provides a higher ROI to the ads. 

It provides brand exposure.

It enables you to pay only when someone clicks your ad.

It helps you to advertise locally as well as globally.

It is effective for small businesses.

How PPC is beneficial to small businesses?

It is budget - friendly

It shows fast result

Low investment high ROI

Cost effective

Open doors to local customers

Leading PPC Ad networks

Google Ads

Bing Ads


Yahoo Gemini





Keywords of PPC

1. Branded Keywords – It includes company names such as Amazon.

2. Generic keywords – It includes ambiguous keywords such as “plumbing”.

3. Transactional Keywords – They have both strong and weak purchase intent.

4. Locational Keywords – It includes everything which is related to location and is useful for location-based companies.

5. Informational Keywords – It includes the keywords where the users are seeking for information.

6. Long-Tail Keywords – It includes the keywords that consist of more than 3-4 words.

How to determine the PPC?

There are two ways to determine the pay-per-click:

1. Flat-rate PPC –Both the advertiser and publisher agree upon a fixed amount that will be paid for each click. The cost per rate is determined by the publisher. It is common to price comparison websites like PriceGrabber and eBay.

2. Bid-rate PPC – A contract is signed by the advertiser that allows him to compete against other advertisers in a private auction hosted by the publisher. These systems are used by the advertising agencies that offer PPC bid management as a service.

How to plan a PPC campaign?

Set a reasonable and achievable target

Thoroughly research the keywords as they play a vital role in PPC campaigns

Build ad group structure and campaign

Write a creative ad copy

Set a campaign live

Monitor the performance and optimize to achieve it


In today’s time, every company wants to reach as many customers as they can.  Pay-Per-Click is the most effective tool to boost the online presence of your company. It shows the fast results by targeting he right people at the right time. It is the best strategy to reach millions of users locally as well as globally without any trouble.

Ritika Pundir


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