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Multimedia and Personalized Computing

Multimedia and Personalized Computing - WebCreatify


Multimedia is the use of a computer to present and combine a variety of content and material forms such as texts, audio or visuals, or even pictographic or images or animations (GIFs) and more. However, there are certain prerequisites to the usage of multimedia: 

  • Computer: you must have a computer or a modified device of the same order in order for you to access multimedia. (Your ancient Nokia 3310 won’t work).
  • Source: you must have access to certain online links or sources that provide you with multimedia content. 
  • Navigator: you must have a platform that allows you to navigate and “browse” through the content. 
  • Platform to communicate: since multimedia is an open platform and invites and encourages inputs from the maximum number of sources it can, you must be able to gather, provide and communicate your own information as and when you want.


Multimedia can be categorized into the following forms:

1. Text: this refers to the documents in written format or more technically typed format; the words as you see them in the thesaurus-long notes that your college sends, or the PowerPoint presentation that your professor's race through. (None of the above mentioned are criticisms for any specific person, living or dead).

2. Audio: these comprise of the songs you hear, the ones you hear almost all the time nowadays? Also inclusive to this category are the speeches, remember the Unlock 1.0 speech? The most unique feature of audio is as complementary to videos, after all, one cannot see the movies with only subtitles. 

3. Still images: photographs that have either edited or clicked form up an important form of multimedia. Well-placed aids or assists can help in a clear understanding of a certain topic. Just like the one attached below, will help you grasp this sub-point a little better. Luther(

4. Animation: these are graphics that can move, these form an important part of the cinematic industry. 

5. Interactivity: this forms the newest part of multimedia, increasing interaction with customers. The customers give their feedback on the basis of which they have their content personalized for them.

Basically multimedia is the newest form of entertainment, especially when it comes to modern times, where due to the introduction of the new member amongst us (Covid-19), we’ve been quarantined. In times as such, we have to resort to multimedia to pass time, and over time it has become essential to living. Multimedia also offers important services in the business world, where meetings are conducted primarily with the use of multimedia. The best perhaps about multimedia perhaps is the inclusion of machine learning algorithms, which accomplishes the goal of personalizing the content for every individual user. This brings us to the next part of the article, which deals with personalized computing.

Personalized Computing: 

We have come a long from when computers used to be bigger than our hostel rooms, and now they are convenient enough to fit in the pockets of our pants. Cliché, though the above statement may seem, it is the harsh truth. The more and more we develop the technology, the more chances there are, of it becoming omnipresent. We live in a world surrounded by technology, and our reliance on the same is ever increasing. computer(

Has it ever happened to you, that you looked up a certain product on Google or on an Instagram page, and suddenly your email, your newsfeed, and every other place is filled with advertisements of the same product from different brands? This is the result of Machine Learning, where the machines analyze the search history of a certain consumer and then present the advertisements pertaining to the same product or same brand (dynamic product) - though, it is also evidence of the fact that almost our every step on the Internet is being monitored, and there’s nothing as privacy anymore, and even when you’re reading this article, you’re wondering all the information that is being stored on you - however, today, by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we use strategies such as Dynamic Pricing, and Dynamic product presentation approaches. framework for understanding personalization(

Even though there are automatic cars, which can drive themselves, but they still need manual support in certain aspects, and over time, the goal of Artificial Intelligence is to minimize this dependence. The ultimate goal is to create a machine that operates like a human, without any human interaction. 

So the primary concept of personalization revolves around learning, the more the machine learns about the user it has to personalize stuff for, the more accurate it will be. Learning can occur at two levels: primarily level when user feeds in data, and secondary level, where the user gives feedback to the predictions that have been made by the machine. Learning(

Present times: 

Over time, more and more fields have started to use personalization, as it gives the customer an added value, and the user feels important. A classic example comes from Amazon because when you see those specialized deals for you, there’s a feeling of satisfaction in you. In the same way, newer companies are adopting personalizing in their marketing strategies, as they are now using the Unique Selling Proposition or USP. 

USP is a marketing technique where companies and organizations personalize a certain product region-wise or based on people’s demand. So if for example, a company is to sell face masks in any football-playing nation, they might want to design the masks, with logos of the popular club, this is only one example of personalization, but based on this the Advertising and Marketing fields are evolving. selling proposition(

In one of the new ventures of the Chinese tech-giant, Alibaba has created a hotel which features robotic arms at bars instead of bartenders and robots that deliver to the guest rooms, it is like almost from out of the future. They have zero contact, no keys for the guest rooms, and nothing works on cash. So maybe, the robot race is ahead of what we think, but perhaps, there is a brighter future for all of us. tech-giant(


Even though to predict the future is not really feasible, but with where the robotics and machine learning is headed, we are sure to figure out of a machine that could do all jobs of a human to perfection. We are seeing newer techniques of attracting crowds by means of personalization, and we are feeding yet more data than ever to these machines. We have finally established multimedia entertainment as one of the pillars of our existence, and we are looking for personalization in all fields. 

Khushagra Ghoyal


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