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Marketing Channel Strategy

Marketing Channel Strategy - WebCreatify

The extensive growth of the internet, globalization, and dispersion of innovative technologies have affected all industries and their business plans. Different marketing channel strategies of retailers should furnish competitive advantages to adapt to the changing elements of the globalized world. 

Comprehensive and simple internet access has modified the shopping practices of all customers and retailers. In this day and age, most conventional firms have developed into using different marketing channel strategies and have successfully become the main dominators in the world of business. Today the requirement for various sorts of marketing channel strategies by firms is obvious. These strategies are more customer-oriented and mean to upgrade customer unwaveringness. 

Is it possible to get more leads and customers by selecting the correct marketing channel strategy? To address this question one has to comprehend the cutting-edge customer venture! Customers these days have become more educated and demanding than ever. They need their favorite brands to comprehend their demands and requirements and give consistency starting with one road then onto the next. At the end of the day, all they want is to rely upon the best marketing channel.

What are marketing channel strategies? 

A marketing channel strategy is a retailer’s selected path for moving a product or a service through the chain of commerce to the consumer end. In aB2B world, a marketing channel is the best way to expose a brand or a product to potential buyers. chain(

Types of Marketing Channel Strategies.

There exist different types of marketing channel strategies. It is the producer who needs to apply the most beneficial channel to market the product to its potential customers. Given below are the four main types of Marketing Channel Strategies : 

  • Direct Selling(Producer to Customer: Zero-Level Channel) – This particular strategy involves the direct selling and marketing of products from the producer to the consumer. There is no involvement of a middle man or any other form of intermediaries in this channel. Peddling is the oldest form of direct selling. For example, farmers selling rice in the market which they have grown in their paddy field. 
  • Selling through Intermediaries – This is a marketing channel wherein a middle man or intermediaries viz. Wholesalers, Retailers, or agents are used to make a product accessible to the consumers in a circuitous way, which is an indirect marketing channel. These are mainly of three types. 

  1. Producer –> Retailer –> Consumer: One-Level Channel – Walmart, is an American multinational retail corporation that purchases its products from the manufacturer and then sells them to the customers. 
  2. Producer –> Wholesaler –> Retailer –> Consumer: Two-Level Channel – Wholesalers like Costco, purchase products from the producer and then sell them to the retailers in bulks at a lower price. These retailers then sell the products further to the consumers at a much higher price. 
  3. Producer –>Agent/Jobber –> Wholesaler or Retailer –> Consumer: Three-Level Channel – Here an agent or a job becomes into play when the producers need to sell their products in the market as quickly as possible. level channel(

  • Dual Distribution – In this type of marketing channel, the producers or wholesalers use more than just one marketing channel simultaneously to reach the end customers. For example, a business Format Franchise, where the franchisors permit the operation of some of its units to its franchisees while simultaneously owning and operating some of the units themselves. Some of the well-known franchises are Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s, KFC. product franchises(  

Reverse Channels – This marketing channel allows the reverse flow of products .i.e. from the consumer to the intermediary to the beneficiary. This is an easy method to make money from the resale of products. For example, Recycling of used products. bins(

Selecting the marketing channel 

Every business or firm should select its marketing channel wisely as this leads to the ultimate profitability of the company and the reputation of the brand’s name. Three main factors influence most marketing channels. 

  1. The relationship between the manufacturer and the consumer. 
  2. The company’s pricing strategy. 
  3. The overall operation of the marketing procedure. 

Keeping these three factors in mind, there are a few key considerations that a firm should remember while selecting the best marketing channel. 

  1. Consumer’s Preference. 
  2. Overall Cost.
  3. Brand.
  4. Location. 

Marketing channels one should prioritize in the digital era.

The modern era is drowning in potential marketing channels from a digitalized perspective. Here are a few marketing channel strategies all companies should be focusing on in the digital era. 

  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing. 
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Personal Website. 
  • Content Marketing and SEO. 
  • Word-Of-Mouth Marketing.


Currently, the number of business industries are growing massively not only in developed countries but also in the emerging economies, creating an increasing demand for goods and services. To cut a long story short, all companies and firms should select and maintain a good marketing channel as this will ultimately affect the firm’s sales, profit, and reputation. Rightly quoted by Walt Disney, “People spend money when and where they feel good.”

Rishika Choudhary


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