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Gone are the days when people had to rush to the library or flick through the pages of big fat books to search for a query or an expression. In the epoch of technology, one can find all solutions at their fingertips. All one has to do, is type the words on Google and it will automatically show all the websites that one can refer to. 

Most digital marketers today are familiar with the term search engine. So what is the first thing that rings a bell when one hears it? It is most likely that the term “Keyword” pops up in the head. SEO is mainly done for achieving page-one ranking and in order to achieve it, one needs to use the best keywords for its content that will benefit the readers.

What are Keywords? 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a keyword, “is a word serving as a key to a cipher or code.” In terms of search engines, a Keyword is any legit word or expression entered on Google (or any other web search tool) that has a result page wherein millions of websites are recorded and ranked accordingly. In simpler words, it is the way towards discovering words and expressions (otherwise known as Keywords), that individuals use for optimizing so as to upgrade content around and rank for those in search engines.

For example, here’s the results page for the keyword “best beaches to travel to” beaches to travel(

Importance of Keywords.

Keywords are significant in light of the fact that they can prove to be useful in a number of ways; finding article topics, on-page SEO, traffic growth, email outreach, content promotion, to name a few. In other words, they act like an all-time guide who tells us where to look for and whether or not we’re making progress. Some of the benefits of using keywords are explained below: 

  • Content Topics and Promotion – Keywords help people search for relevant topics that they are looking for. It makes it easier for users to access the websites that they want to refer to and saves both time and effort at the same time. Keywords also help in promoting the content that is looked up. 
  • Link Building – Keywords help in understanding and engaging with the target audience in a better way. This is because keyword research provides an insight into what the customers are searching for by showing the exact terms and expressions that they use. 
  • Traffic Growth – Pertinent material or content won’t just help pull in visitors but also helps to draw a significant amount of qualified traffic to the website. The content will automatically get a higher rank if what is being provided is meaningful to the ones who are reading it. 
  • Business Pattern Insights – Analysing relevant keywords will offer insight into current business trends and customer behavior. It helps one to stay updated with the latest happening in the current market situation. research(

  • Pay-Per-Click.

As a bonus, keywords come handy in marketing and are often used as tools for the promotion of brands. In case one has got a financial plan for advertising, one can easily place Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on specific keywords. When the website is given a higher rank, it automatically draws a huge amount of traffic. This makes advertisers bid for space at the top of certain keywords, and thereby visitors also take time to check the ads that are placed on the top results of their searched keywords. 

For example, the keyword “investment” has advertisements (marked in red) at the top results, whereas the example above“best beaches to travel to” has no ads.

Selecting the right Keywords 

Selecting the keywords that are to be optimized is perhaps the most difficult task while making online marketing successful. Picking the correct keyword which clearly describes the website content can be a tricky task. Before selecting the keywords, one must keep in mind that it is not just about attracting a lot of visitors to the site but also bringing the right visitor to the right website. The following factors should be kept in mind before choosing the keywords that are to be optimized: 

  • Do the keywords describe the webpage content? 
  • Do searchers find what they are looking for? 
  • Do the searches bring financial benefits? 
  • Does it increase the bounce rate? 
  • Do the keywords help increase the average visit length? 

Providing new information is not always easy, so if web developers are trying to get a higher rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that too for a new website which already contains similar optimized keywords, then light should be thrown upon those keywords that are searched the maximum number of times. For example, keywords searched for the term “food” have phrases that are searchedaveragely in a month are shown below. right keywords(


These days, with millions of web sites on the internet, search engines have made it easier for everyone to discover information on the web. Searching for the correct information with the assistance of the correct keywords is an exceptionally basic yet precarious task. However, it is important for web developers and content writers to keep updating the optimized keywords in accordance with the trend and popularity amongst people. Moreover, it is essential for website developers to concentrate on creating content that is unique, applicable, and is of high quality while utilizing the target keywords which are appropriate.

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