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Importance and Features Of Google Analytics

Importance and Features Of Google Analytics - WebCreatify


Google Analytics is one of the well-liked digital analytics software. It is a free web analytics service that is given by Google, which allows us to analyze in-depth details about the visitors on our website. It gives valuable insights that can help us to figure out the success strategy of our business. Due to it, now days nearly all the businesses have an online existence through a website. Therefore, it is very important to observe, whether it is accomplishing its purpose or not. 

For all this, we need to know the details of what people do whenever they visit our website, how long they stay on-site, and on which pages do they visit on our website. Irrespective of whether we are an e-commerce website or an informative blog, we want to understand and analyze the behavior of your visitors to give them better results. 


The Google Analytics has the following important features insight of website and the visitors

1. IT'S FREE: We all have heard about the saying that, " There is no free lunch". But it is not true in the case of Google Analytics. We do not have to pay anything to Google for using Google Analytics. For this product, we don't have to pay for anything. Due to this, we can invest our money in some other important resources. Again it provides us important information, numbers, and statistics that we require to maximize our website performance for free. free(

2. AUTOMATIC COLLECTION OF DATA:  Google analytics has a quality to decrease the work that is required to put Google Analytics data into Google Docs, sites, etc. All we need to do is set up our Google Analytics account and we have to copy a simple piece of code on our website. This will authorize Google Analytics to start collecting data from our website automatically and make reports accordingly. Simply we have to not act to get data. Google Analytics does all the work for us. collection of data(

3. WE CAN CREATE CUSTOMIZATION REPORTS: The report which is created by us is called a custom report. In Google Analytics, we can select one of the many reports that Google creates or we also build our customized report by using the drop and drag interface. 

We enable to select dimensions and metrics also decide how they should be displayed. 

To create a custom report by own fallow the following steps :

Step 1- sign in to Google Analytics. 

Step 2- steer into your view.

Step 3- click on customization and then select Reports from the down drop menu.

Step 4- click customization > + New custom report. 

Step 5- Enter the title. 

Step 6- click + Add a report tab (optional). 

Step 7-  report type selection ex. Flat table, Explorer, or Map overlay.

Step 8- dimensions and metrics selection.

Step 9- click + filter to limit the report to specific dimensions (optional). 

Step 10- click where the report should appear. by the use of a drop-down menu select specific views or select all views associated with the account. 

Step 11- click on save 

4. EASY INTEGRATION WITH OTHER TOOLS AND PLATFORMS: Another special character of Google Analytics is that it can be swiftly integrated with other platforms and tools. Like Google services (other). Google Analytics gives a clear and easily usable interface. It's handling on the desktop is quite well but it is perfectly usable with smartphones and tablets with the use of apps on the Google Play store. 

5. ABILITY TO MEASURE INTERNAL SITE SEARCH: The internal site incloses What potential customers are looking for after arriving on our website. It also reveals the growth area opportunity by exposing the situations where a certain situation may be lacking on our site with this characterization of internal site search, we can have better insights into what people are searching for on our website. With these observations, we can make necessary changes or additions accordingly to enhance the performance of our site. site search(

 6. TO KNOW THE AGE, GENDER, INTEREST, DEVICE, AND LOCATION OF AUDIENCE: With Google Analytics, we can expose valuable data about our audience to determine which channel drives most of the traffic to our website. The audience zone provides a lot of details about the people who visit our site like their ages, gender, interest, devices, and locations 

1. AGE- 

It is one of the best gauges if where our audience spends most of the time. By knowing the average age of visiting the audience we can easily upgrade our site accordingly. 


The gender of visitors helps us to describe our Audience. Audience gender plays a special role in how they engage online. 


With Google Analytics, we can understand very well the Audience's interest area, and accordingly, we can optimize our site. 


Google Analytics also gives us details of what kind of device are audience using. With these details, we can help our site to get more responsive to various devices. 


With the help of locations of customers, we easily formulate our market strategies according to the physical locations of potential customers. 

7. TO UNDERSTAND WHICH SOCIAL PLATFORM TO TARGET: Social platforms are a great way to generate a lot of traffic and engage potential customers on our site. With the help of Google Analytics, we have the access to view what catches the attention of the users and then place add accordingly. To select the best platform over which we can advertise our customers, we need to set a generous budget separate for social media adds. platforms(


Google Analytics can do wonders for our business in a more advanced manner. It gives us valuable insights that can be used for the transformation of our site. There are so many other analytics management platforms, but Google Analytics remains a free and highly relevant solution for managing the analytics of our site. 

Rohit Tumane


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