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GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking System - WebCreatify system(

what is the GPS tracking system?

A GPS tracking unit is a navigation device normally carried by a moving vehicle or person or animal that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to trace the device's movements and determine its location. The recorded location data can either be stored within the tracking unit or transmitted to an Internet-connected device using the cellular (GPRS or SMS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. 

Categories of GPS 

  • Personal or Wearable GPS Trackers.

This type is often the size of a wristwatch and is used by hikers or hunters in case of an emergency. They also often have a button that will send out an indication to request help as well as their position. This typically happens through cellular networks. Other units are the size of a cell phone and include a screen so they are both GPS navigation and a tracker. 

  • Vehicles and Equipment.

These are slightly larger and are typically used for boats, trailers, cars, or semi-trucks. There are three types


These trackers plug into the OBD (On-board diagnostics) II port within the vehicle. The port can both power the device as well as provide information.

2.Hardwired GPS

When a vehicle doesn’t have an OBD II port, the device is often wired directly into the car. These work well for older cars or for diesel trucks that have unaltered OBD standards that may not be compatible.

3. Battery Operated

These can be used without relying on a vehicle’s power. To save battery life, these devices may not send information as frequently. However, they often send data every minute when a vehicle is running, or every hour when it’s not.

The leads of a GPS tracking system in business from a GPS tracking system(

1.Improved Safety

Drivers are going to be more accountable on the road because they know that the corporation monitors their location. If the vehicle breaks down, they can also get to it quicker if they know exactly where it is located. This is good in emergencies if the driver needs any medical attention.

2.Reduced fuel cost and lesser operational costs

The company might not be able to control the expense of gasoline, but once they have GPS tracking for company vehicles, they can monitor the quantity of fuel each vehicle consumes. By using this, they can also study the fuel consumption and eventually find ways to lower gas bills. It will also lower the operational costs of the company.

3.Ability to recover the vehicle after theft

If a company vehicle gets stolen, the GPS tracking system will provide us with alerts and mapping data. We can submit these to the proper authorities to recover our stolen vehicle and protect company assets.

4.Increased employee productivity

One of the ways to guarantee an employee's productivity is to monitor them with GPS. Our employees will be motivated to work harder since they know they are being tracked. They will not be wasting time if there are accurate time records kept by the company.

5. Reduce paperwork 

GPS systems will help the drivers, dispatchers and managers do away with all the paperwork because the system can automatically track and store the minute details and present it in a user-friendly form when needed.

The 5 Main Downsides of GPS Tracking system. car technology(


Problems can occur when obstacles, such as walls, buildings, skyscrapers, and trees obstruct a signal. Extreme atmospheric conditions and the mapping technology which is used in conjunction with the GPS may not be up to date and cause navigational errors.

2.Lack of Local Knowledge.

Local knowledge counts for a lot when traveling. Relying solely on GPS technology means that we can miss out on information that might be useful for our journey.

3.Driving Distraction.

In theory, they give audio instructions and all we have to do is glance over at the map occasionally. But in practice, you can end up trying to adjust the destination, key in data, or alter other settings while driving. It's a recipe for disaster.

4.Signal or Battery Failure.

Sole reliance on GPS can cause problems if we suffer a signal failure, or we are using a battery-operated device that runs out of power (GPS devices are almost always power-hungry). Unless we have some form of backup, such as traditional paper maps, we can easily find ourselves lost with no idea which way to go.

5.Privacy Issues.

GPS devices can be used to stalk people without their knowledge. This method can also be used for criminal purposes. These tracking devices are easy to obtain.

Our Verdict on the Future of GPS Tracking System.

Technology has been moving at a rapid speed in the 21st century, and GPS is not any exception. After the deployment of the latest satellites, the uptime and accessibility of GPS will progress all around the globe. With the evolution of new software, the new generation of GPS vehicle trackers in the 2020s will have increased accuracy, on the brink of an asset. The future of GPS tracking is going to be more precise and effective for personal tracking, as well as business use. tracking(


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