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Email Marketing Campaign: A Blast from the Past?

Email Marketing Campaign: A Blast from the Past? - WebCreatify

What is an Email Marketing Campaign?

An email (or electronic-mail) campaign is essentially a set of ordered, well-crafted emails, each defined by a specific purpose, and goal to achieve. For example, the first mail might be to get to know the customer a little more, perhaps asking the customer to fill a survey, a continuation could be a personalized mail about the services that would be best suited to that particular customer, and yet another update mail could contain the unique offers that the company might be endorsing. In this way, a well-structured email marketing campaign can help grasp more and more customers, it is like a step by step process that is incorporated while getting to know a person, you get to know about the person’s likes and dislikes, you then find things in common, or activities you can do together, and then you bond with that person on a greater level. marketing(

Email Marketing Campaigns often materialize something on the same lines (as mentioned above). The key to writing an effective mail starts by defining a simple yet specific subject line, to-the-point content (people don’t like to beat around the bush, they want their content served to them on a silver platter), and above all a very clear line to achieve the goal that the mail was initially written with. 

Often personalized (even though computerized) emails are taken to be more authentic, and it has been shown that customers are willing to trust marketing via mails more than the ads that keep popping up on their screens. Moreover, the company retains the privilege of personalizing the content for the customers, and going into the modern era (technology-driven era) personalization of content is not only recommended but is also mandatory for a company to increase its business. In order to personalize the content for your customers, you must get to know about the customer-specific behavior first and to do that you must provide for an interactive customer feedback service. You may also send your customers surveys and polls to your most trusted and loyal customers, in order to collect authentic data. marketing campaign(

Via email marketing you as a business get to gain the trust of your customers, the customers are often the driving force in the relationship. They can choose whether or not to interact with your business, based on their first thoughts about the business, and their requirements. This is a good thing, you are not holding any information about the consumer without them knowing, and you are sending them your best content and offers at the earliest. Above everything else, an email campaign always seems more authentic and formal than any other form of advertisement. 

As of today, there are barely any people who do not use an emailing account. Thus, an email marketing campaign comes in handy for businesses of all sizes, to increase the range of the audiences they are catering to. They increase the chances of converting potentials into real customers and also have a better chance of getting real feedback from the customer. Email interaction is one of the chief ways in which customer interaction can be increased and supported, moreover, the business holds the opportunity to personalize emails for their customers. 

Reasons why you (as a business) should incorporate email marketing:

1. Email Marketing is profitable: it is one of the most profitable and cost-effective means of marketing your product. The cost involved in an email marketing campaign is minimal when compared to traditional ways of marketing (like ads on the television, and on the Internet). You simply need people or a computing program to draft you the content for the email that you are about to send. These days, most companies take the help of an online service which automates the mailing service for the company, these come in handy when all the mails to be sent are mostly the same, except for let’s say changing the name of the person to whom the mail is being sent. In addition to the low cost that is involved in sending a mail, there is also the condition of the consistent high return on the investment that you’ve made. In essence, email marketing is the handiest marketing tool for small businesses with a limited marketing budget, with emailing tools such as segmentation and personalization, the conversions of potentials into real customers is higher than in any other form of marketing. service(

 2. Reach potential mobile customers: keeping the present conditions in mind, the number of potential mobile customers for any business is mounting. The thing to consider here is the fact that most customers prefer to shop or order service via their mobiles instead of actually going to the shop or the business in person. The businesses must also evolve their marketing campaigns in order to cater to these people who are increasingly using their mobiles for shopping and other market-related services. It is common practice for most people to check their mails on the mobiles at least twice a day, and this is the chance for businesses to increase their customer base. All the businesses need to do is customize the emails they send out as a part of their marketing campaign to be mobile-friendly, something that is often referred to as a fluid design (which is compatible with whatever device the website or the mail is being viewed on). Above all, everything else, the business must always remember not to write stories in their advertisements, the marketing emails ought to be precise, attractive, and relevant. 

3. Possibility of automation of services: so whenever you put in a certain query with any of the companies via their emailing service, an automated message is sent to you that promises that your query will be answered within the next 48 hours. Now, automation emails are still an evolving discipline, but it helps you to better the pertinence and timings of your mails. For example, if a new person visits your website, and the website has a little “Get in touch” section, the user might drop in their contact information, hinting at the fact that, they might want to do business in the near future. Now, your business should be able to take this hint, and via the help of automated emails, you will be able to get in contact with a certain person and convert him or her to a potential customer. reply(

4. Allows you to personalize content: whenever something is personalized just for oneself, it gives the person a sense of importance, and this sense of importance to the customers is essential from the viewpoint of the business. The customers must always believe that they are a priority for the business, and sending personalized content and mails to them is just step one in achieving the same. This personalization essentially works on the data that you have collected from the uses, and it works better based on the information you have about the user. Even if you address the customer by their first name, like “Dear John”, the chances of the user opening the mails are higher. 

5. Chance of interacting with the customer: the traditional marketing method of where one disseminates information, and that’s the end of it is changing. Customers tend to prefer more interactive ads and marketing schemes, something that caters to their personal needs or interacts with them about how the company can personalize things for new customers. You must also try and bring together all your forms of digital marketing, for example, if you are sharing a survey to new customers via mail, there should be an option where the customer can further share the survey via means of social media, this way you increase your customer database like dominoes, one hits off the other block, and the series continues. 

6. Easy to evaluate: when it comes to email marketing campaigns, you can easily and efficiently weigh the pros and the cons. You have a generated list of new customers that were reached via means of the new marketing method, versus the cost that was involved in the same marketing method. You can also compare the revenue that you earned by employing the email marketing campaign in action, compared to the revenue that was generated by using traditional marketing techniques. One of the chief loopholes with traditional advertising was the fact that the business could never know where they got their business from, and if or not the marketing method was proving useful. With modern technologies, you can even analyze which email contents sought better rates of customers opening up the email and following up on the same. of an email marketing campaign(

7. More effective than social media: the thing with social media is that it is a great platform to reach out to your audiences and to new people, but the thing is that not always the people you are reaching out to convert into customers for your business. In addition to that, there are also the fake accounts which often dominate the population our post reaches out to, when compared to all that, email marketing is more authentic. Moreover, studies have shown that people who are reached via email marketing have a higher chance of converting into customers for the business, much more than people who were reached out to via social media. vs social media(


By deploying email marketing in the current market, a business can not only retain already-existing customers but can reach out to potential customers in an authentic manner. The customers when sent personalized content that shines out your brand, and boasts of the authenticity of your organization, display a higher chance of doing business with the company. Moreover, email is the keystones of formal conversation and trustworthy content (almost always), and above everything else, it has shown a revenue over investment higher than any other form of online marketing strategy or technique. Emails also house the capability to integrate all of your other online marketing services, for example, as earlier, you may put in social media links in your mails, to drag customers to the other online services. 

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”

Kushagra Goyal


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