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Digital Revolution in India

Digital Revolution in India - WebCreatify

What is Digital Revolution?

Digital revolution means the advancement in technology from mechanical devices and analogue electronic technology. It is done with the use of digital computers and other digital media to transform the economy. This digital revolution has changed the lives of people in many ways, now people are doing things with ease. 

Digital revolution has a great impact on not only one sector but every sector of the economy. Everything is getting much better with the advancement of technology and the society is changing as a new developed economy. Digital revolution results very powerful as it is making the whole world better that helps in improving the lifestyle of people and their standard of living. Technology is playing a very big role in our lives as it enables people to communicate with each other easily, education system is also getting benefitted and health sector has been also improved.

Benefits of Digital Technology

Digital revolution

Digital technology has transformed the modern life amazingly. Talking about only one thing will not be enough, that's why there is a list of things below which can easily tell us how digital technology is changing our lives :-

  • Social Connectivity
  • Communication Speeds
  • Versatile Working
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Automation
  • Information Storage
  • Editing
  • Accurate Duplication
  • GPS and Mapping
  • Transportation
  • Low Cost
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Warfare
  • Banking and Finance
  • Smaller Sized Devices

Digital Revolution in India

There was a time when India was considered as a backward country with low literacy rate, undeveloped country and many more things but now, India is changing and developing with new mind set of people. India is getting digitally advanced and empowered for a better tomorrow to compete in this challenging world. From 2014, India is actively working for the welfare of economy as it is adopting new technologies which is ultimately improving the working condition of citizens. Internet connectivity and digital platforms are providing great opportunities to the people to be aware with the changes taking place in the economy. There was a time when people didn't have smartphones but now the time changes and you will find everyone with a smartphone, even poor people are carrying smartphones with them.

Digital revolution

Here, we will talk about the things which have changed drastically that helps in building a strong and developed economy.     

Digital revolution has impacted several things in our country in a positive way which are as follows :-

  • Digital Facilities of Government

India is coming forward with different initiatives to compete with the modern world, that's why they are providing new digital facilities to the people so that they can do their tasks easily without running here and there. India has digitally transformed things like e-payments, internet banking, geographic mapping and many more. 

  • Change in Global Market

Indian is not only changing but it is also gaining reputation in this world from other countries. India is expanding their business globally on a digital platform like YouTube with a great response.

  • Online Labour

According to a data, India has created 24% of online labour market share. This is big achievement of India and now people are getting opportunities to work on a digital platform as software developers, digital marketing, online sales, and much more.

  • E-commerce

There is a business on online platform which is providing number of job opportunities to people and also providing easy services to the public. And surely, e-commerce market will expand in a great way in the coming time.

  • Investment Sector

Nowadays, everyone is aware about the stocks, mutual funds, insurance policy and other securities. These things are also available online with detailed information, so that people won't face any problem in understanding these policies and registering themselves online with just a tap on phone. Even poor people are also investing money and also getting different securities with the help of internet access.

  • Technology Start-ups

Digital marketplaces is providing job opportunities to the people as there are many start-ups of digital businesses. In India, these start-ups are increasing day-by-day which requires employees for doing their tasks.

  • Digital Programmes

India has introduced different digital programs like Make in India. These programs help in supporting own nation and also small businesses,  NGOs and others to develop their performance. It also helps the small farmers, rural area workers, artisans, etc.

  • Education System

Education system has changed and developed with the latest technology. It is the very first aim of our government to provide education to each and everyone. Online education system helps in spreading information easily to everyone and also to the poor children. There are some programs like SWAYAM, e-pathshala, OLABS, etc.

  • Health Sector

Health sector is the most important sector of any economy for the healthy future. The e-hosptials scheme has helped a lot of people to be cured. The doctors guide the patient online in some cases to treat them.

  • Agriculture Sector

India is a country consisting a very large agriculture sector, so they also need to be benefited with the digital technology because farmers are our heroes. There are many programs introduced by our government which help the farmers in many ways.

Digital revolution

To conclude it can be said that there are a lot of things to mention but it can't be completed in some pages. Digital revolution has totally transformed the economy. People don't have to go outside to buy anything, to watch movies, for playing games, for searching any mall or restaurant, in search of houses and many more, they can do all these things on their phone or computer with the help of internet. And everything has become an important part of our lives because the things are changing and transforming in a new easy way.

Shreya Singh


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