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Desktop Virtual Reality

Desktop Virtual Reality - WebCreatify

"Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once the dream and so were computers and smartphones."

You will probably never go to Mars, run on tracks of Olympic games 100-meter race, swim with mermaids, sing onstage with Rolling Stones, but desktop virtual reality exists and it can make all this possible and many more things too without even leaving your home.

What is Desktop Virtual Reality?

It refers to a computer program that creates a real or stimulated imagery-based environment that is laid out through a desktop computer screen. By this stimulation, one can see, hear, touch, even smell the imagery world the computer is transformed into a gatekeeper to this imagery/artificial world. virtual Reality(

When was Desktop Virtual Reality invented?

In 1968, Ivan Sutherland an American computer scientist,  with the help of his student Bob Sproull created it that was connected to a computer and not a camera. It was a large and scary image that was too heavy to handle by any user and was hanged to a ceiling. Sutherland(

 Types of Desktop Virtual Reality-

  • Fully immersive.

For the complete VR experience we need, a plausible, a powerful computer that can detect what we are going to do and adjust our experience accordingly, hardware linked that helps us to immerse us in the virtual world in which we roam around. We can move around the rooms fitted with speakers all around, so we can experience and enjoy the VR to our fullest.

Example- RaceRoom Racing Experience, Project CARS, Asseto Corsa, iRacing. Immersive(

  •  Non- immersive.

This can be seen in the virtual reality flight simulator. A home PC might work as a non- immersive virtual reality, especially when it uses a wide screen and headphones on and a joystick. This is an option for individuals who don't want to fully immerse themselves in an artificial/virtual reality.

Example- A video game.

  •  Collaborative.

It's usually in the form of virtual reality games and they are not fully non- immersive. This gives the individual an interactive experience so that he can experience it with other individuals.

Example- 3D multiplayer games, collaborative engineering software.

  • Web-based.

This gives people a chance to explore new and interesting things the internet can offer. Also, people can interact and have virtually real-time experiences with their friends on social media.

Example- Stranger things countdown, Romeos invisible city things(

  • Augmented reality.

It adds digital elements to a real view by using the camera of a smartphone.

It is used in apps of smartphones and tablets. It uses your phone's camera to show you a real-world in front of the individual. Experiencing a real world in such a way that it feels like a virtual reality experience. One can't describe it as an unreal experience.    Example- IKEA Mobile App, Nintendo’s Pokémon Go App


  • Military.

It can safely imitate the dangerous training conditions to prepare and train soldiers, without putting them in danger until they are ready for a full tight battle. They create battlefields, flight stimulations, medic training, boot camp to give them completely immersive, visual sound-based experience.

  • Sport

It is used by coaches and players to train themselves more efficiently across a range of sports, as they can see, experience, and create certain situations repeatedly to improve each time. Broadcasters sell tickets for live sports games at virtual platforms to them who are not able to attend or not able to afford, they can get it at a cheaper price and can enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Mental health

Patients suffering from mental stress are found to be meditating using virtual reality as they are effective in boosting mental stress. It also helps in strengthening your weaknesses or to overcome your fears. health(

  • Medical training 

Medical and dental students are using VR to practice surgeries and complex procedures, so this is beneficial when they perform it on real patients as it avoids harm to the patients and mistakes caused. training(

  • Education

Students are able to interact with each other under the three-dimensional environment. That can go on virtual field trips to museums, solar system, and going back in time to a different era


  • Impressive visualisation.

It helps in exploring various places and seeking the experience where an individual can't visit. If you use a desktop VR you can get the best experiences. You can have a visit to the moon, play with fishes underwater, visit the solar system.

  • Creates interest.

Desktop VR has made watching more enjoyable than reading about a certain topic. It engages an individual to the fullest in itself. It creates enjoyable and interactive experiences. This technology encourages the students to study through it than reading about it.

  • Increases educational value.

The doctors too take advantage of it by giving training sessions of surgeries and their procedures through it. It also helps in the field of content writing and editing by pointing out the mistakes in it.

  • Overcome language barriers.

The language barrier is the main concern in the field of education. If a person is not studying in his hometown then he has to adopt a dialect of the place where he is studying but with the help of desktop VR this hindrance can be avoided by making the use of suitable software 


  • Lacks flexibility.

In a classroom, you interact with your classmates and teacher by asking questions and giving suggestions but with the intervention of this technology, it is not so possible because you can use the same programs in all the sessions so no scope of positive interaction.

  • Lesser human interactions.

The education system is based on interpersonal connections and communications but due to the Desktop VR, it is only about you and the software.

  • Increasing addiction.

The students are getting addicted to the virtual world. Half of the population is getting addicted to video games. In the world full of VR an individual can also get addicted to malpractices and drugs.


Virtual reality can be counted as one of the most important inventions of the modern world. Initially, when computers were invented it didn't have much use. When many additions and technology improved in computers it started covering up everywhere the schools,  colleges, hospitals, industries. The Internet was a remarkable addition to it and made the computer a necessity in every workplace. So similarly initially the virtual reality also started with basics but with additions of technology it has also started up covering every workplace especially the professions related to computers and technology. Although Desktop Virtual Reality devices have improved a lot over the years, but still it has a long way to go through before it stops being science fiction before it fixes in society. 

Kirti Choudhary


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