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Cyber Law and It's Benefits

Cyber Law and It's Benefits - WebCreatify

Cyber law is a term which is used for the legal issues of internet technology including computer hardware and software, networks and information system. Cyber law is also known as internet law or digital law. 

Nowadays, there is rush on internet traffic which leads to increase the legal issues of cyber crime, not only within a country but it is affecting the world globally. There are various cyber crimes like fraud, theft, money laundering and many more which are done using the computers or networks. Cyber crime basically affects the things which are related to the use of internet, computer, e-mails, mobile phones and data storage devices. Cyber law plays a great role in preventing the users from unwanted things and providing security to information access, communication and intellectual property. As mentioned before that cyber crime damages the whole world, every country has different type of cyber laws. 

Need for Cyber Law

In this highly digitalized world where everything is coming on online platform and every transaction is done online, there are also some risks which are day-by-day increasing with the advancement in technology. To protect the consumers from cyber crime, cyber law is very much important. All the legal issues related to internet or computer are dealt with through cyber laws. 

Cyber law

Few reasons which convey that cyber law is much more needed in global community. 

  • Most of the transactions are done in demat form. 
  • The companies also depends on computer networks for doing their work. 
  • Various government forms are filled in electronic form. 
  • Consumers are doing online card transactions for the payment. 
  • Communication is done using mobile phones, e-mail and, SMS messages, etc. 
  • Important legal information are also stored in data storage devices. 
  • Cyber crimes like fraud, hacking, pornography, etc. are increasing at a faster pace. 

Different Types of Cyber Law

Cyber laws can be used for various purposes as it provides different types of security. Some laws provide security to users from frauds, money laundering, etc. Some laws form rules and regulations in using computer and internet. There are different areas of cyber law, that means they are categorised in many ways. A list of cyber law is given below to understand each and every type of laws clearly :-

  • Fraud

There are some laws which protect consumers from online frauds like credit card theft, identity theft and different types of online theft. 

  • Copyright

Cyber law provide copyright protections to defend the rights of individual and  companies. 

  • Defamation

Defamation laws protects individual from false statements on internet that can hurt a business or someone’s reputation. 

Cyber law

  • Harassment and Stalking

Cyber law defend the users from threatening statements or if someone stalks them on internet or any platform.

  • Freedom of Speech

Cyber law put many restrictions online but it also focuses on allowing people to speak their minds but without harming anyone’s sentiments.

  • Trade Secrets

Cyber lawyers help their clients in taking legal action as necessary in order to protect the trade secrets. 

  • Contracts and Employment Law

There are contracts or agreements to protect the interest of individual or company but if needed things can be changed, so lawyers must work to show the best way to their clients. 

Benefits of Cyber Law

Cyber law

Cyber law protects the user from different types of cyber crime, so that they can surf on internet easily without any security issues. We all know that online communication and online transaction are becoming the trend but it needs privacy concern which cyber law provides to everyone. Following are the benefits of cyber law:-

  • Secured e-commerce for online businesses. 
  • Blocking unwanted disturbances from internet. 
  • Security against frauds. 
  • Establishment of security agencies like Cyber Cell. 
  • Security to computer hardware and software. 
  • Keeps an eye on all activities over internet. 
  • Protects all the transactions over internet. 
  • Digital signatures got legal validity. 
  • Secured sites with digital certificate. 
  • No risk in working on internet. 


To sum up, it must be considered that crime free society is the best but it is not that much easy or we can say that it may be not possible because the way in which crime is increasing in the whole world, the imagination of crime free society is not possible. And if we are taking about cyber crime then specially those countries who are dependent more and more on technology, needs to adapt strict cyber laws. 

Technology is a tool which can be used in both positive or negative way. It is totally depended on the user that how he or she is using this tool for his or her own need. We know that technology is becoming advanced for helping us or for a better tomorrow, but there are some people who use this in many dangerous ways for committing crimes. Hence, it should be the responsibility of government to make strict laws against these and more security must be given to the users. 

Shreya Singh


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