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Comparative Analysis Between Traditional Advertising and Digital Advertising

Comparative Analysis Between Traditional Advertising and Digital Advertising - WebCreatify vs digital(

Traditional Advertising:-

“Traditional Advertising includes all those forms of advertising that are not online i.e. they do not involve the use of the internet. This means printing ads in magazines, newspaper ads, billboards, hoardings, radio ads, television ads, direct mail, phone call, and outdoor advertising are all part of traditional advertising.”

Initially, since the start of advertising in the market, traditional advertising has been divided into 4 categories:-

1. Print: Print Advertising is the oldest form of traditional advertising, this form of advertising has been in use since ancient times. This form includes newspaper ads, magazine ads, newsletters, billboards, hoardings, pamphlets, etc. Print Advertising is also said to be a more effective form of traditional advertising since it directly reaches the target audience, also for a local business or for a small organization that is operating in a local region print advertising is the best form of advertising. marketing(

 2. Broadcast: Broadcast Advertising includes radio commercials, television commercials, and on-screen commercials in theatres and events. The first-ever radio program which was supported by an on-air advertisement aired on November 2, 1920, and the first-ever television commercial aired in 1941. Broadcast advertising is a specialized form of advertising and is mostly used by mid and large size organizations. Advertising on television is the most expensive form of advertising, in this, the pricing depends on the time slots and the programming content. Media(

3. Direct Mail: One of the earliest examples of direct mail advertising was the Sears Catalogue, which was mailed to the consumers in 1888. Direct Mail advertising includes posters, flyers, brochures, letters, catalogs, etc that are either directly sent through postal mail to the consumers or are distributed in different regions. Sometimes you even find these fliers, catalogs, and brochures inside the newspapers.

 4. Telemarketing: Telemarketing is also known as telephone advertising. In this form of advertising the advertiser or the company tries to call the customers and convince them to buy the goods or services. This form of advertising is somewhat a part of the modern age. In this form of advertising the advertisers sometimes also try to use aggressive techniques to convince the customers. This form includes both requested calling and cold calling of consumers over the phone.

Digital Advertising:- 

“Digital advertising means advertising by using the internet and other digital platforms like desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc.”Digital Advertising is the new age of advertising. Digital Advertising started becoming famous in 2013 when the internet and social media started becoming a really trendy concept and now slowly and gradually digital advertising is becoming one of the most preferred forms of advertising. Marketing(

Types of Digital Advertising:-

1. Social Media Advertising: One of the most famous and effective types of digital advertising is social media advertising. The three most famous forms of social media advertising are Instagram and Facebook accounts and YouTube advertisements. The companies increase their engagement in Instagram and Facebook by posting random quizzes regarding the products they want to advertise, they post videos, photoshoots, exciting offers, conduct lucky draws or competitions, have giveaways, etc. Other social media platforms used are Twitter ads, Pinterest, Linked In, and Snapchat ads.

2. Email Advertising: In these, the companies send emails to either the users who are already registered in their server or to those users whose contact the company got through any survey or website. These emails mostly consist of new offers, new products, discounts, and sometimes even rewards that people win after buying a product.

3. Content Advertising: In this, the company uses ways like blogging, infographics, videos, and photoshoots on various platforms for advertising their product and services. This form of marketing is more famous nowadays since the new generation prefers reading interesting blogs and likes to know about new and interesting ways of exploring a product. 

4. Affiliate Advertising: In this type of advertising the companies give the responsibility of promoting their product to any website or salesmen and these people are provided with the commission as per the sales they do.

5. Local Advertising: In this the company customizes its website as per the local region or area from which the traffic is coming, to attract the customers from the region. For example, is an international platform for Amazon but is a platform specially made for Indian buyers and sellers.

6. Pay-Per-Click Ads: In this form of advertising the company posts its ads on different search engines and web browsers and as when the consumers click on those ads they directed to the website of the particular company. Pay-Per-Click means that as many users are clicking on the advertisement that amount of money the company has to pay to the advertisers. Users(

7. Search Engine Optimisation: In this case, the traffic according to searches of the consumer is directed to their webpage. For example, a consumer has recently been searching for new mobile phones therefore the advertisements for the mobile phone companies and their website links will be directed to that consumer's search page.

8. SMS Advertising: In this form of advertising text messages or WhatsApp messages are sent to either the users who are already registered in their server or to those users whose contact the company got through any survey or website. Advertising(

Reasons for the Transition from Traditional Advertising and Digital Advertising and benefits of Digital Advertising in the Current Scenario of the market and society:-

1. Time Consuming: Traditional forms of advertising are very time consuming since the company has to make a lot of decisions, The complete process of traditional advertising from decision making to the actual advertisement is a very lengthy process. Whereas in digital advertising since everything is done online and with the help of advanced technology, so the time consumed from decision making to posting the actual advertisement is very less. Since in nowadays everyone has a fast life, everyone is busy and they do not have a lot of time to waste in decision making and other stuff, this also one of the reasons why digital advertising is preferred nowadays.

2. Customized Advertising and Editing is Not Possible: In the case of traditional advertising the advertisers or the company cannot edit or customize their advertisements once they are posted or released, since changing the advertisements will not only waste a lot of resources but it will also carry a huge cost. Whereas in the case of digital advertising the companies can edit their content or customize it anytime they want and in as many ways they want to since there are no time limitations, no resource limitations and the costs involved are either zero or very less.

3. Costly Process: Traditional Advertising is a very costly process, in fact, television advertising which is a part of traditional advertising is said to be one of the most costly forms of advertising. It involves more capital investment and the ROI is very less in many cases. Whereas in digital advertising the costs involved are very low or zero at times the capital investment is very low and the ROI is instant and very good. This is the reason why many start-ups and small companies prefer digital advertising as it is not very costly and at the same time very effective.

4. Globalization: We are in the modern era and globalization is a very huge part of our society. Even the small companies and start-ups are aiming at globalized advertising. In traditional marketing we cannot cover a very huge area and also advertising overseas with the help of traditional ways involves a huge cost. Whereas in the case of digital advertising the companies can advertise in any country they want there is no limitation. Also with the emergence of e-commerce digital advertising has started playing a huge role in the market since this is one of the forms which is preferred by all types of e-commerce companies.

5. Risk Factor: Traditional Advertising involves a lot of risk as a lot of investment is involved, so if the ads do not succeed or if somehow the ads get destroyed the companies face a huge loss. Whereas in the case of digital marketing the risk factor is very low since the costs involved are not huge and also there very few chances of the ads being destroyed.

6. Customer Friendly: Traditional Advertising is not a very customer friendly form of advertising, the ways of advertising sometimes are forced on the customer and customer interaction is also very low. Whereas in digital advertising the customer interaction is very high and almost all of its forms are customer-friendly i.e. they only appear when either the customer is searching about them directly or the customer if the customer is searching something which is related to those advertisements.

7. Brand Value: As we said earlier that traditional advertising has content limitation due to which the company is not able to provide all the information to the consumers, this not only leads to confusion but also leads to a downfall in the brand value. Whereas in digital advertising there are no limitations of content due to which there is less or no confusion among customers and also they get a clear idea about the brand.

8. Advanced Technology and New Age Advertising:  Last but not least digital advertising is a part of new-age advertising and it is perfect for the current dynamic environment in which we all live. Digital advertising fits in perfectly with the current trends of society and it satisfies both the older generation and the millennial generation. Also, the use of advanced and modern age technology is what makes it so the user is friendly, easy, cheap, and not time-consuming.

To conclude we would like to say that both traditional advertising and digital advertising are effective in their own ways. Let’s take in consideration the fact that newspapers and posters are easily available in rural and backward areas or in the areas that are do not have internet connections and also in these areas most of the peoples don’t have mobiles or laptops neither do they have the knowledge to access social media and website thus for these areas traditional advertising is the best. But in the busy city life where we have the millennial generation of digital advertising is very effective since nowadays everyone loves social media and almost everyone is surfing the internet. So, we can say that Traditional Advertising and Digital Advertisingtogether make a perfect blend and companies should use them together with the perfect strategy, ideas, and execution to achieve the results they want to.

Aatmica Bajpai


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