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An Evolution of School Static Website to Dynamic one

An Evolution of School Static Website to Dynamic one - WebCreatify

It was 2018 when the static website of a school in Nepal (Alok Vidyashram) was transformed to dynamic website by WebCreatify. Alok Vidyashram is a school nurturing education since 1994 with a mission of imparting knowledge along with cultural values. Team WebCreatify took it as a responsibility to provide them with the best services that set them apart from any other web solution companies in the market.
Before knowing that how we fulfilled their requirements, it is important to know how dynamic and static websites differ.

Static vs Dynamic Websites

Static Website

Dynamic Website

Static websites are the one where the theme and content of the webpages remain fixed throughout and they are the same for every individual.

Dynamic websites as the name suggests could change its webpages according to the run time.

These websites are developed using HTML coding and are difficult to maintain due to the difficulty in changing the content.

Such websites are developed using PHP, JavaScript and Actionscript languages.

These are the initial version of websites.

In the current Era, dynamic websites are preferred over the static ones.

The older version of Alok Vidyashrams Website

Initially, Alok Vidyashram was running a static website which was a difficulty for the organization to maintain it. The website was facing the following issues :

  • Difficult to navigate

  • There was no back-end system

  • There were no interactive games

  • Visitors could not download the calendar

  • Forms were missing

The organization approached the WebCreatify team and our experts completely transformed it into a dynamic one. We still keep on trying innovations on their website with an aim to embellish its look.

New look of the website

To glorify the look of Alok Vidyashrams website, these were the steps towards its evolution:

(1) Responsive Design

In order to respond to the user behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation, we developed a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries for them. We redesigned the website in such a way that it looks attractive from phones, tablet and laptops rationally.

(2) Easy to Navigate

Navigation is an essential part in a website that allows visitors to search your site for longer, giving them confidence in where they are and what they can receive from your website. With its intricate menus, tab bars and banners, the website is easy to navigate now.

(3) News & Updates

For the news and updates, we have added the feature of e-newsletter and magazines so that the organization can notify about its previous as well as upcoming events. These newsletters also have an update regarding the current situation in the city, e.g. measures taken by the government due to the current pandemic situation across the world. The visitors can subscribe to the newsletter and can get recent updates via e-mail.

(4) Calendar

A calendar element is added to the menu bar which includes the dates of all the events of the school. This page also includes the syllabus of individual classes.

(5) Gallery

A gallery is added to the website where the visitors can get all the images of the events organized by the school. The gallery images are directly linked to the social media sites where the post reaches simultaneously to all the platforms.

(6) Forms

A form is a feature on a website that allows your visitors to get in touch with you via an order, a catalog request, or even a query, which is passed on to your database. We created several forms on the website for enquiring about the admissions, donating books to the library, subscribing to the e-newsletter, job recruitment, student report request and alumni message forms.

(7) Location & Contact Details

To get in touch with Alok Vidyashram we added its contact details on the website along with a map locator through which one can simply find Alok Vidyashram on Google maps by clicking on the location link.

(8) Back-end System

We provide with a complete back-end system in which the clients can update their website regularly. This back-end system includes the authority to update the calendar, upload the images in the gallery, uploading the pdf of the latest syllabus, etc.

(9) Interactive Games

There is a link called Game center on the website which redirects the visitors to e-learning games for the kids. The games included sudoku and divide games which grabbed the attention of the prospective students and the current students to the website.

(10) Software Add-ons

There is a link named Softwares which redirects the visitors to a page where a group of software like Adobe acrobat, VLC media player, Visual C++, Apache open office, etc are available for download. One who wishes to play games on the website can download the Adobe acrobat from there itself, he/she need not to go to the other website.

(11) Links & Integration

Links & integration plays a crucial role in order to bring traffic to the website. So, we added social media links, google integrations, SEO integrations and game integrations to grab as much traffic we can. This helped the website to reach to the top pages as a search result.

Our mission is to provide the best facilities to our clients with a justified budget. We never compromise on the quality we serve.

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