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Digital Marketing Vs Physical Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Physical Marketing - WebCreatify

Marketing goods is a central societal trend. The commercial aim is to supply customers with goods in line with the existing demand. Marketing is not just a practice anymore. Changes to meet the user have taken place. Marketing is literally performed for a long time. The buying behavior of customers becomes increasingly intelligent. This calls for communications creativity. This article helps us to determine people's preferences. The focus is on understanding the difference between traditional product marketing and Indian technology. relevance(

Because of a minimal budget, plenty of small companies have trouble determining what kind of publicity to do. The best example of visible advertisements and other forms such as Posters, Stretch, Umbrella, TV advertising, Radio advertising, etc. are print ads in newspapers and magazine ads. On another side when someone spends money developing a website and promoting products through social networking platforms like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, this kind of marketing is known as Digital Marketing.


Traditional marketing concerns the development of digital programs, including direct sales, direct mail, trade shows, press releases, mail books, vouchers, billboards. marketing(

 Role of physical marketing All operations related to the delivery of the final goods, from the assembly line to customers, are involved in physical distribution. Customer service, order processing, controlling inventories, transport and logistics, packaging, and materials include important physical distributed functions.

When efficiently managed, the physical distribution of goods via the supply chain can enhance customer satisfaction. Physical delivery also includes the storage and shipment by an agent of raw materials and finished goods. vs digital( of traditional marketing(

Physical marketing campaigns also benefit from reaching into fields that technology is not able to achieve. Flyers and posters can be placed on internal boards of newsletters and reach their specific target market, while display booths can give customers very obvious evidence that your product exists and is sufficiently important to have their own case. These small factors allow you to create a distinction when dealing with environments packed with merchandise and competition and can help your product stand out and be noticed. When creating a marketing plan for your business, physical marketing should not be overlooked.  Although digital media are increasing and often inexpensive to set up, the advantages of a physical campaign can't be overemphasized. The lure of an 'artifact' is greater than ever before and gives prospective consumers a direct link to the products or services. marketing(

 Even before the invention of the Internet (before power, telephones and automobiles too!) physical messaging prevailed. Some of the first communication techniques arrived with the introduction of the press when pamphleteers could actually disseminate information easily without the help of churches or the government. Marketing collateral was regarded as a way of spreading new ideas, creating public and testing water. collateral(

 Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing aspect that utilizes emerging technology focused on the internet and web, such as personal computers, smartphones, and other new media and platforms to advertise goods and services. marketing(

 Role of digital marketing- The role of digital marketing is to help you gain new business traffic, leads, and sales by reaching people who are looking for your products and services. Web marketing by itself is the process of marketing your business online to prospective leads and high-value consumers. Digital marketing works by attracting potential clients to your website or blog and then encouraging them to purchase their products. You can use SEO or PPC campaigns to attract target audiences and capture leads from your website or encourage them to buy from your website. for successful marketing(

 Few types of digital marketing.

1. Content marketing is a digital marketing firm that aims to develop and deliver content to a target audience. The material is appropriate, pertinent, and (ideally) coherent. Getting a successful consumer activity is the main aim.

For example, blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, white papers, case studies, ebooks. marketing(

2. Search engine Optimization The method of generating better data from the search engines (like Google and Bing) is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Check for and insert keywords into your copy of your website, customize website names, define and charge rates, and create appropriate backlinks for other optimization processes. engine optimization(

 3. Search Engine Marketing refers to a type of digital marketing that uses paid methods to increase the visibility of a website in search engines. That is, that is the update on Google Ad Words and Bing Updates. You can push high-quality traffic to your website by merging SEO and SEM. You can present yourself to the public that is active in the search for services and brands such as yours by means of search engine marketing. engine marketing(

 4. Social media marketing refers to the method to generate publicity and traffic through social media channels. You can increase exposure and build significant relationships with your customers through the use of social media. An example of a tweet by Orbitmedia's Andy Crestodina. Notice how it draws attention by sharing valuable information (infographic), by placing a link, and by evoking discussion, traffic to its website. media marketing(

Digital marketing is a perfect way to communicate if a large number of people are to be reached. Social media marketing has revolutionized the conduct of marketing. The social media networks are special. It's economic on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp talk, Skype, Google+, blogs, Instagram, YouTube, and so on.


The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the medium an audience encounters with a marketing message through. While traditional marketing uses traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, digital marketing uses digital media, such as social media or websites.

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